We’ve updated our Patreon page with some specifics about plans and what you get as a patron! Check it out:

If you’re here, odds are you know what our deal is. Just in case, we’re a podcast called “This Is A Disaster” about disasters throughout history and the music they inspire us to listen to.

Every week, we talk about fires, tsunamis, disastrous music festivals, plagues, and much more. Every second Wednesday we present our Major Disaster episodes, with mini “Tragedy Tuesday” episodes on the Tuesdays in between. You can find all of our episodes, blogs, and links on our website: www.thisdisasterpod.com .

Patreon Perks
As Patrons, you will have access to:

  • Livestreams of our Major Disaster episode record sessions
  • Access to our Discord with your very own Patron-exclusive role and channels
  • Access to additional “Aftershocks” bonus episodes covering information that sometimes doesn’t make it into the main episodes
  • A high-quality reproduction of a print we did on commission with a local artist
  • Our sincerest, undying appreciation for your continued support

Patreon Goals

Your support as a Patron will help us achieve the goals we’ve set to produce additional Patreon-exclusive content.

Micro Disasters
When we reach our goal of 8 Patrons, we’ll begin producing and releasing Micro Disaster episodes about niche disasters and near-misses.

Survival Psychology Mini-series
When we reach our goal of 16 Patrons, we’ll release a mini-series we’re currently producing about the psychology of survival. Topics include isolation, hypothermia, hunger, and more! These are being produced with Gerri, our resident psychology PhD and recurring special guest.

We have no shortage of ideas for content, and with your support we can make it all!

If you enjoy what we’re doing, please consider becoming a Patron.  We’ll see you in our next disaster!

– Peter & Leigh

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